Qu-Bot Downloads

Qu-Bot web icon, autonomous robot, programming robot Do you have latest version of QBVLab ??
Do you have the USB drivers - Pl2303 ??
You require anything else to solve your problem ??
Download here...

Following is are the various important downloads :-

01. QBVLab (latest version)
Qu-Bot QBVLab latest version zipped  Download ZIP

02. USB Drivers for all OS
Qu-Bot USB Drivers for all OS zipped  Download ZIP

03. Qu-BOT Manual
Qu-Bot Manual PDF  Download PDF

04. Qu-Bot Schematic
Qu-Bot schematic diagram zipped  Download ZIP

05. Qu-Bot Pin-outs
Qu-Bot Pin-outs details PDF  Download PDF

06. Ser2pl - missing file (troubleshooting)
Qu-Bot Installation Troubleshoot - ser2pl system file zipped  Download ZIP

We encourage & support quality robotics training kits; Qu-bot is one such :-)
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