Benefits to a student

1. These are the very basic concepts of Electronics as well as Robotics, and useful for every student to gain an insight into these fields.

2. A student will learn steps in robot-building & understanding its anatomy.

3. A student will be made aware of the current trends in the field of robotics & electronics in the fast advancing world.

4. A student will understand the subject of Science in a more rational & practical way, thereby helping them to enhance their knowledge right from the school level.

5. A student will learn how to define problems & work towards solving them.

6. A student will learn to design competitive models, yet expand his own creativity beyond limits.

7. A student will learn practical science & technology right from school level, thereby helping him to gain an upper-hand in the forthcoming years towards building his career.

8. The robot-building includes concepts from fields such as electronics, mechanical & computer; this will help the student to build strong foundation for further studies.

9. A student after knowing these concepts will be able to compete with 80% of engineering students… well that’s true! He need not necessarily be an engineer.

10. A student will build stuffs he/she always played with. Now they will build as well as compete with their creations & technical developments.

Benefits to a student due to Robotics workshop and technical education initiative  Download as PDF | Benefits to an Institution


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